3 Event Pet Peeves That We Wish Disappears in 2018

Event Pet PeevesWelcome to 2018! Around this time every year, the team at Fontt Enterprises pauses to reflect over all our activities the past years then plan for the year ahead.

During such reflections, there are some pet peeves that we’d love to disappear in the new year. So we’ve listed our Top 3 recurring pet peeves which we would like to go in 2018.

1. ‘African Time’

Some months ago, our games were booked for an event to start at 8:00 am only for the guests to begin arriving by 6:00 pm! Come on guys; this is not fair!

Our standard time for closing and packing up our games at events is 6:00 pm. This 6:00 pm is a reasonable time for any child at the event – who are our primary concern – to be going home. Our games are for wholesome family-oriented events. Can any child-oriented event after 6:00 pm be ‘wholesome’?

We are very punctual as is seen from the many testimonials we’ve received. We, thus, wish that this whole ‘African Time’ thing can disappear in 2018.

2. Clients Making Unreasonable Demands

Some clients sometimes plead with us to allow them to pay after the event! As much as we at Fontt Enterprises will do our level best to entertain reasonable client requests, such a claim as this is somewhat unreasonable and unfair.

We’re running a business here. And our staff sacrifice time and most often entire weekends and holidays too to be at your event. They also have their personal and family financial obligations to meet. We also need to maintain our games, etc.

This sacrifice is why we like collecting payment before any event. So unreasonable demands is another pet peeve that we wish disappears in 2018. Please let’s all try to be reasonable. Don’t you think so?

Event Pet Peeves

3. Unsuitable Venues

As much as possible we like to inspect the venue that our games are required and sometimes give our recommendation to clients on which of our games would be suitable for the event venue.

Our insisting on inspecting venue is because some of our games have specific requirements such as large level grounds to make sure of the safety of the children on our games, steady electricity, etc. But some clients don’t like to show the full details of the venue of the event.

Some time ago a client ordered our Soap Football but didn’t know the exact dimensions of their venue. Only for us to get to the place to see that it’s too small for the game!

But the client wanted us to ‘manage it’ and ‘squeeze’ the game into the available space! These unsuitable venues are not ideal for our games and the safety of the children. Inappropriate sites is another pet peeve we wish will disappear in 2018.

Over to You

These are our three event pet peeves that we wish disappears in 2018. If enough of us give attention to these three things, it will be best for everyone.

What about you? What pet peeves would you like to disappear this year? Share your thoughts in the comment below. Happy new year, everyone.


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