5 Questions That Will Help You Create Memorable Events

Create Memorable EventsAs mentioned before in this article an event is anything from a talent contest to a sports competition.

As an event planner, before you can create a memorable event, you need to ask yourself some fundamental questions.

Answers to these questions are critical if you want to create a memorable event for your client.

We have highlighted these questions in this infographic below:

Create Memorable Events-Infographic

These are the questions you need to ask:


Why do you intend holding your event? Why is your occasion momentous? Why do you think your ceremony is practical? Providing answers to these questions will help you know if your event is necessary or not.


Who are the stakeholders in the event? For corporate events, the stakeholders include the business owners, staff, guest, etc.

For significant events like the Olympics etc., these will have some impact on the immediate community and environment. So the stakeholders will be the residents, the media, and even government authorities.


When do you intend holding the event? Did you schedule enough time for you to research and plan your event? Will the proposed date be suitable for guests and all parties concerned?


Where is the event taking place? Is it an indoor or outdoor event? Did you consider the comfort and accessibility for your guests?


What activities are going to take place at the event? Will your proposed actions match the needs and expectations of your guests? Are the proposed activities in line with your principles and values?


Memorable events don’t come from the blue. They need careful planning and execution. The larger the event, the more time it will take you as a professional event planner to plan the event.

These days, there’s no room for mediocrity. Your clients deserve the best. So give some serious thought to answering these when creating your next event. Catch you later.


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