5 Tips for Choosing a Venue for Your Event

5 tips for choosing a venue for your eventWhenever we get a request to provide our games at an event one of the things we are most concerned about is the venue. Why?

Well, our concern is not a selfish one centred around the safety of our games.

Instead, our concern is born out of the interest for all to have an enjoyable experience at the event. And one of the vital ingredients for providing that excellent experience starts with selecting the right venue.

Here are an infographic highlighting five things to consider when selecting a venue for your event.
5 tips for choosing a venue-infographic


What type of feelings and experience are you looking to create for your guests? What words do you want your guest to use when describing your event? Is the venue accessible to the elderly and those with special needs? Choose a place that is easy for all your guests to attend.


These days some events venue can offer the decor in-house, or they may ask you to bring yours. Whatever the case, remember that the method and decor used in a place can make or break the event. Spend enough time to decide on the best style and decor.


How many guests are you inviting? Will the venue provide security or other related services (see below)? All these will decide the total cost.


Does the venue offer in-house catering, entertainment, audio-visual equipment, maintenance crew, ushers, etc. or will you have to bring your own?


Choosing the right date and time will make sure that people will attend your event. Avoid dates that coincide with holidays, festivals, etc. in your locality. Weekend dates are more expensive than weekdays. So book early to avoid any last-minute embarrassment.


If you’ve got all the above covered when selecting a venue for your event, you’re sure to have an auspicious occasion. Stay blessed.

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  2. It’s interesting that you mentioned that some event places these days have the ability to offer in-house decor to help with solidifying your event’s style and aesthetics. That would be very helpful as my daughter is having her debut in July. Being able to have a venue that can handle the decorations would be a great convenience for us. Hopefully, we’ll find a venue with a style that would match what my daughter is wishing for. Thanks!

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