6 Problems with Event Planners and How to Solve Them

6 Problems with Event Planners and How to Solve ThemHere is an infographic highlighting six problems with event planners and how to solve them.

6 Problems with Event Planners and How to Solve Them - Infographic
6 Problems with Event Planners and How to Solve Them – Infographic

1. Budget

With the volatile nature of the global economy, budget for events are becoming tighter. This budgeting is a challenge for the event planner. But professional event planners who love their jobs will do their best to give clients value for money and make the client’s dream event a success. Discuss with your client and try to convince them to see the need to cushion their budget to cater for any price increase in the market.

2. The Weather

Regardless of the weather forecast for the day an event planner has no control over the weather and is ready for any sudden change in the weather. Are umbrellas and extra bottles of water available if any sudden downpour or heat wave? You cannot control the weather, but you can take necessary steps and be ready for any unavoidable weather disruptions.

3. Poor Venue

As mentioned in this article event planners need are mindful of the venue of the event. In case too many people are in attendance, is there adequate security, toilets, excellent crowd control and demarcated exit ways? As a professional events planner try to influence and guide your client to select the best venue that their budget can accommodate. The choice of venue can make or break your client’s event. Read this article for more tips on how to choose the right place for your event

4. Time Management

The saying that time flies is valid for event planners. Event planners are good time manager and know how to focus on specific tasks and delegate others. Keep your calendars, and schedules close at hand at all time and share it with all vendors concerned so that everyone is on the same page.

5. Vendors

Speaking of vendors, a professional event planner needs to know how to manage the various vendors she works with to bring out the best in them. Select your vendors with care because they can help to make or break your client’s dream event.

6. Technology

These days technology has become indispensable for event planners in carrying out their duties. You need to keep abreast of the latest tech trends for events. It’s important to know the latest technology in areas such as lighting, sound systems, presentation slides, projectors, communication tools, marketing collateral printing and even social media! A professional event planner should familiar with all the available technology in the events industry.

Closing Thoughts

As an event planner, which of these problems do you find most challenging? Or is there any particular topic that you want us to cover on our blog? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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