7 Signs That You Should Rent Your Party Games than Buy

7 Signs That You Should Rent Your Party Games than BuyWe often come across clients who are considering buying the party games for their event.

But before you go out and buy any party game consider these seven signs that you should rent your party games than buy.

Space Constraints

If you don’t have space in your premises, storing massive games like a bouncy inflatable castle, soap football, trampoline, rock climbing wall, etc. can be burdensome and even expensive.

Moreover, if you don’t plan on using these games daily, then it makes more sense to rent and not buy these games.

Less Responsibility

When you rent party games, you have less responsibility when it comes to maintenance and costs of repairing these games or securing them.

But, if you were to buy a bouncy castle your bouncy castle and it gets a puncture, or it melts in your warm storage room, you would need to find a way to fix it or get a new one.

No Debt

For those considering starting up a party games business or if you’re new in the business of party games there is no need to tie up precious capital or go into debt buying your games outright.

You can rent your games from other established party providers pending when your business grows, and you have enough funds to start getting your party games.

More Freedom

If you’re looking for more freedom of choice and plenty of options for the type of party games you want to use in your event, then you should consider renting.

When you rent a party game, you’re most likely renting it for a single event. And when that event is over, you are not under any obligation to rent the same game again and again at later events.

You’re free to rent other games at your next event. But if you were to buy the game, then you’re stuck to using that particular game over and over at your future parties.

7 Signs That You Should Rent Your Party Games than Buy
Having Fun on Our Circus Train Ride

Saving Money

Renting your party games is going to be cheaper every time compared with buying the game outright on your own.

ThisĀ savings becomes glaring when you think of the long-term maintenance of the games.


Many people don’t want to go through any stress to set up party games. They want to have fun! Can you blame them?
Some party games like the soap football, inflatable farmhouse and circus train ride can take a while to set up.

They can also pose a challenge to dismantle at the end of the event. So when you rent these games, you save yourself the stress of setting up and dismantling them when you want to use them.

Enjoy the Party

If you’re looking to sit back and enjoy your party and not worry about setting up, monitoring or dismantling a party game, then you ought to consider renting instead of buying your party game.

When you rent your party game from a professional party games rental, it gives you the opportunity to enjoy your party without distractions.


So these are the seven signs you should rent your party games than buy. Do you have any questions or need any further clarification?

Drop your questions or opinions in the comment section below. If you’re looking for an experienced and competent indoor and outdoor party games provider, contact us.

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