Active Outdoor Games for Adults

Active Outdoor Games for AdultsMedical professionals recommend that a healthy lifestyle and a varied and balanced diet are essential for adults.

These days most people sit at their office desk all day or dash from one meeting to another without having sufficient exercise.

If you are the type that sits for lengthy periods, then you are most likely not receiving enough exercise to keep healthy.

What if you have a gym membership and a personal trainer? Well, that will help, provided you have self-discipline and don’t miss your appointment at the gym or with your trainer on purpose!

But staying active does not need to become another daily chore that you dread. Simple activities like walking, jogging, climbing the stairs and even dancing can help to keep you active.

When you engage in these simple activities with your family members, friends and loved ones the benefits you derive multiply.

The infographic below highlights some games that help you keep active and also provide wholesome fun.


Active Outdoor Games for Adults Infographic

5-a-side Football

No hassles. Pick your team. Let your skills do the talking. It’s 5-a-side football. Enough said.

Air Hockey

Now let us kick it up a notch! Have you tried air hockey? Trying to hit the disc when it is sliding across the table will keep you active for sure. Don’t believe me? A trial will convince you.


You cannot deny that badminton is an intense outdoor game for adults and the entire family, can you?

Basketball Stand

You certainly cannot dispute the fact that basketball is an active outdoor game. You can move and reposition our basketball stand as required.

Garden Darts

Are you good at playing the regular darts game? Well, the fun is amplified when you have to play with giant darts. The movements you make to pick up the dart and throw it will keep you active, and it is fun. Try it. You will not be disappointed.


ThisĀ game is a favourite for country folks in the western world. As you may know, some of these country folks are as tough as nails! So do not underrate horseshoes when it comes to wholesome fun outdoor games for adults.

Mobile Rock Climbing Wall

Have you ever seen the view from your rooftop? Well, with our climbing wall (the height of a two storey building) it is possible. When you reach the top of our mobile rock climbing wall, be sure to take a peek at your rooftop!

Sack Race

If you never tried sack race as a child, accept my sympathy. Well, it is not too late to make up for lost time. You, your family, friends and loved ones will have a pleasant and active time with this.


Sounds like another old folks game, right? Well, you’re wrong! Shuffleboard is a wholesome fun outdoor game for adults but suitable for all members of the family. Though not as tasking as other games mentioned in this article, it will still help to keep you active.

Single Bungee Jumping

Don’t worry! It has nothing to do with shoving you off the edge of a cliff. Our bungee jumping is an active outdoor game for adults.


Sounds like a game for old folks? Well, that’s because you are not using your imagination! Skittles is an underrated game that when played with a little bit of creative thinking can provide hours of fun, laughter and activity for the entire family.

Soap Football

Have you ever tried playing football/soccer on a slippery surface? Well, this is what it’s all about. So if you love soccer, then you can imagine the added fun derived from playing while slipping and sliding.

Table Tennis

Do you call it table tennis or ping pong? Whatever you call it, is up to you. Let your skills do the talking. An outdoor game for adults that will keep you active!


We saved the best for last! With Tug-of-War, you’re guaranteed to have hours of fun and activity. What more can I say?

Over to You

Which wholesome, active outdoor game is your favourite? Let us know in the comments.


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