The Importance of Games in an Employee Motivation Program

The Importance of Games in an Employee Motivation ProgramFor small businesses, in particular, employee motivation can be problematic. Especially when the business owner spends years building his/her business. 

Therefore, the business owner finds it difficult to delegate any meaningful responsibilities to others.

But business owners have to realise that the drawbacks and effects of a lack of employee motivation in small businesses are catastrophic.

Some issues related to employees’ lack of motivation include discouragement that is widespread, complacency and low morale.

The benefits of employee motivation besides increasing competitiveness and productivity, it can permit a business proprietor to have freedom from the day-to-day control of the business and instead concentrate on growing the company.

Employees need motivation for their work. A company that institutes an employee motivation program – whether abstract or tangible – may find it an invaluable tool in worker retention.

Employees thrive in organisations that create good work environments. Environments where employees can differ, and where individuals in the organisation pull together to move the company forward.

Appropriately structured recognition programs in organisations are essential, but not exclusive, components in this mix.

What Motivates the Average Employee?

Organisations have utilised endless mixes of employee benefits such as health care, life insurance coverage, profit sharing, worker stock ownership plans, exercise facilities, subsidised diet plans, childcare availability, company vehicles, and more in their efforts to maintain happy employees with the belief that motivated employees are happy employees.

Trying to influence how a worker feels toward his/her job has less to do with material rewards than with the design of the work itself.

If the job is overly segmented and simplified, this can result in lower worker morale and output. Other implications of low worker motivation include absenteeism and high staff turnover, both of that are very costly for any company.

A job that is well motivating is a job that permits a worker to feel personally accountable for any task accomplished. A worker must feel ownership of and liaison with the work he or she performs.

Even in team situations, successful completion of an assigned task will foster a consciousness in an individual that his/her contributions were significant in accomplishing the team’s responsibilities.

An employee motivation program must provide outcomes that have intrinsic meaning to each staff.

At Fontt Enterprises we believe that companies that include indoor and outdoor games as part of their employee motivation program derive considerable benefits.

Want to learn how you can introduce our indoor and outdoor games as a constant feature in your employee motivation program? Contact us today. We’ll be glad to help you explore this opportunity.

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