How to Select Games for Your Games Rental Business

How to Select Games for Your Games Rental BusinessThere are loads of misconceptions when it comes to setting up a party games rental business.

Some people think it’s a matter of buying a couple of bouncy castles and you’re in business. Well, that’s how most party games rental companies start.

But if you’re passionate about the business, you’ll see that a lot more goes into selecting games. At Fontt Enterprises we have developed our system of picking the games we offer.

From the start, we wanted to carve a niche for ourselves by providing ‘wholesome fun for the family.’ So these are our guiding principles for our choice of games:


The games we offer foster the good health, physical, mental and spiritual well-being. That’s why we select games that involve some form physical activities. We shy away from games such as video games. Some video games – in our opinion – don’t offer sufficient physical exertion for the physical and mental well-being. This focus on wholesome games is why we avoid games that have violent or immoral undertones.

Also, the wholesome games we offer are games played by all in the family regardless of age or gender. The games promote close family bonds. Healthy games breed good relationship between parents, children and even grandparents in the family. Nobody in the family must feel left out.


Fun is a subjective word. What you may call joke may not be what we call fun. Moreover, several factors decide what a person may consider a fun game. Things like your age, health, physical stamina, etc.

So in this regard, we go through a serious process of selecting games that are fun. We will talk more about this process later.

Family Oriented

Our games are family oriented. As mentioned above our games must help to promote close bonds within the family. Our games make sure that all members of the family can take part. Either as an active participant or an active member of the audience.

Our Games Selection Process

Our Games Selection ProcessNow you know the guiding principles behind the games we offer. Let’s see how we decide which particular games we select to buy and rent out to our clients.

As mentioned before, this is a dangerous process. That’s because the decision on what games we bring in is not ours. That decision is for a select group of children.

Step 1

Our Founder/CEO consults with these children on which games they would consider as fun! She makes a formal presentation (complete with PowerPoint slides, etc.) on potential games.

If the children find her choice of games appealing, they give her the thumbs up! Hooray!!

On the other hand, if they don’t find her choice of games appealing, they’ll sometimes ask “what type of archaic game is this” and give her the thumbs down! Presentation over. Madam CEO leaves the room. Oh boy!! It’s not easy pleasing children these days. LOL.

Step 2

Sometimes we even take the games selection process a step further. We invite our fans and followers on social media to help us out. Yes, their opinion counts too. A few years ago, we asked our fans on Facebook if they loved scrabble. We wondered if we should add Giant Scrabble to our list of games. Their response was positive as you can see from the post below!


So we’re pleased to tell you that we’ve added a new game to our collection of games. It’s (you guessed it) Giant Scrabble!… Hooray!!… Thank God!!!

Over To You

This article shows how we select our games. As you can see choosing our games is not a haphazard affair. Neither do we base our choice of games on what other players in the industry are providing. This is our way of selecting our games for our business.

You’re welcome to ‘steal’ our games selection process if you wish, for as the saying goes ‘imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.’ But it’ll be best if you use our method as a guide to developing your way of selecting your games for your games rental business.

Finally, tell us, is there any particular game that you would like us to offer?… Who knows, we might grant your wish too that’s if those children don’t consider your choice as archaic also! ROFL!!… Catch you later. Stay blessed.


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