Circus Train Ride

Circus Train Ride-NEW

Our Circus Train Ride is an awesome ride for children and their parents (yes, you read right – their parents) to have a jolly ride together in any of the 4 colourful coaches while listening to music in each of the coaches.

The coaches move on a bean-shaped track. The lovely lights on the outer parts of the coaches create an amazing lighting effect when used indoors or in a darkish covering outdoors. Event planners use their creative ingenuity to create dark enclosures outdoors to maximize the beauty of this train.

Children appreciate their parents being young at heart and taking a ride with them. Remember to capture the ride on camera. Lol! Memories for life!

Track Dimensions 16.5 x 6.5 meters
1 Locomotive & 3 Wagons
Loads 14 passengers at once
All ages.
Maximum Speed 6km/hour

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