Farm House

Farm House

This is no ordinary inflatable! You know the saying – ‘man pass man’, well let’s apply it in this case as ‘inflatable pass inflatable’. Lol!

It’s a combination of two inflatables joined by a simple zip and powered by two blowers. It weighs a whooping 1100kg! Yes, you read right – 1100kg!

Now you can understand why we always move with many team members when taking it out for events.  It has a farm theme.

It is suitable for children and adults. Yes, adults! Even adults deserve to play like children. You’ll be surprised at how adults pant after a round on this inflatable.

It really does require energy to climb up to the landing area with ropes, rest there a bit, then slide down and climb up the stairs and slide down again.

Then jump up to climb and sit on all six different farm animals, then climb up the haystack with ropes to either sit or stand on the top of the haystack. Wow! That’s burning calories in a fun way!

Kids will have loads of laughter watching their parents renew their youth or relive their childhood days on this inflatable. Kids themselves always can’t get enough of it.

Remember, a merry heart doeth good like a medicine! Why go for medicine when our Farm House can give you a merry heart…

10(L)x15(W)x8(H) meters
All ages.

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