How to Build an Effective Team for Your Events Management Business

How to Build an Effective Team for Your Events Management BusinessBuilding a competent team for your events management business is no child’s play. That’s why we’ve highlighted some points to help you out. Let’s get started.


Your team should be of a manageable size that your business can afford. For maximum efficiency when it comes to events management, your team should consist of between 2 to 25 persons.

But on average, a team size of about ten persons is ideal. The team size easy to supervise.


Care and attention must go into selecting the right persons for your team. This care and attention are not just about their résumé or CV.

You have to select people with the right combination of physical skills, personality, communication skills, morals and spiritual values and their ability to do and deliver results.

The right choice of team members forms the basis for the success of the team.

Team Leaders

When selecting your team leader, avoid choosing someone who finds it difficult to delegate tasks to others and wants to do everything themselves. Such persons make poor team leaders.

A good team leader must be willing to delegate tasks to others and give proper supervision to make sure that the jobs are well done.


Your team members must be trained to execute their task appropriately. Team leaders especially must be taught. Don’t expect your team to perform efficiently without giving them enough training.

At Fontt Enterprises we don’t joke with the training of our team. We are grateful to God for various client testimonials highlighting the performance of our team members.


You must also give your team the support required to succeed. Your team members must be able to discern that you care for them.

Let your team realise that you’re there to support them to excel and not to hinder their progress.


Your teams must understand the purpose and goals of your brand.

Also in situations where there are multiple teams in the organisation each team member must understand the purpose and goals of the group and the role they are to play in the team.

There must also be clear benchmarks by which you measure team performance.


Your team should trust and support each other. When team members understand their purpose and goals, this helps to build confidence.

Trust is also built by sharing of positive experiences with the team.


There has to be open communication not only among the team members but also between the team and management.

Working together as a team is fostered by good communication by all within the organisation.

Organizational Structure

No matter how small your business is, there needs to be some structure especially if it comprises of more than one person.

Your organisation structure, policies etc. should encourage open communication among all team members.


Team members must be empowered to make decisions and be responsible for the outcome of the decisions they take whether positive or negative.

Empowering team members promotes enthusiasm to work and improved performance.


At Fontt Enterprises we strive to engender an atmosphere of humour, joy, and love. We encourage team members to have fun while performing their duties.

A spirit of fun among the team usually translates to better service and customer relationship.


Recognizing the contribution of each team member to the overall success of your business is also vital. The mutual gratitude and appreciation of each team member must be consistent and visible.

On our way to climb Oke Idanre (Idanre Hills), the Fontt Team went to greet the Owa of Idanre Kingdom - His Majesty Oba (Dr.) Frederick Adegunle Aroloye JP, OFR, Gbolagunte Arubiefin IV.
On our way to climb Oke Idanre (Idanre Hills), the Fontt Team went to greet the Owa of the Idanre Kingdom – His Majesty Oba (Dr.) Frederick Adegunle Aroloye JP, OFR, Gbolagunte Arubiefin IV.

Celebrate Success

Be quick to celebrate the successes of your team. Whenever you reach a milestone, celebrate it.

At Fontt Enterprises when we can afford it, we usually have a retreat where we take our team out to have fun. In the past, as part of our team retreat, we’ve visited Olumo Rock and Idanre Hills.

Employee Welfare

Employee welfare should be your priority. Everyone in your organisation should be their brother’s keeper. This employee welfare helps to strengthen the bond among all team members and foster proper team spirit.

Your Turn

So there you have it. This article is our take on how to build a capable team for your event management business. Do you think we missed out an important point? Let us know. We would love to hear from you. Stay blessed.


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