Know When It’s Time to Pull the Plug

Know When It's Time to Pull the Plug on Water Games
When we started out one of our primary games categories at Fontt Enterprises was our ‘Water Games’. Water games was a hit, especially among children.

We had various sizes of above ground swimming pools. We transported these pools to client venues accompanied by water tankers to fill up the pool at the site. These water tankers were vital because in some places no water!

To make swimming in these pools more fun and safe for the kids, we had various inflatable games and zorb balls to accompany the pools and skilled lifeguards on standby. The entire experience was enjoyable for all parties but especially for the kids.

The materials used in manufacturing some of these water games were not suitable for our warm climate here in Nigeria. The heat eventually made some of the above ground swimming pools start to leak!

You can imagine several hundred litres of water flooding the event venue. And if the place happens to be the home of the client… ‘gbese re o’ (debt!) So, after all, said and done, we decided it was time to pull the plug on our water games category.


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