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Tip 21: As an event planner, plan every event as if it is your first and last event ever. That way, you’ll not be afraid to explore your creativity and realize your dreams. In essence, you will not hesitate to give it your all when drawing up the plan as well as when executing the plan. Sometimes, there is a tendency to treat some jobs/contracts as small and as such, it causes one to not give it your all. This is dangerous and creates room for errors. One should rather be guided by this motivational event planner quote that says:

“Do small things with great love.”

Tip 22: As an event planner, always put pen to paper (or should we say fingers to keyboard, or better still stylus to iPad) to draw what you are visualizing in your head. This is key because no one else can see the dream plan you have in your head unless you pen it down. This makes it easier for your team to flow with you (be on the same page with you) at any point in time. It also gives more room for your errors (if any) to be detected faster. Note: We all make mistakes at some point, no matter how we strive for perfection. There’s a motivational event planner quote that says:

“Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence.”

Tip 23: You may have heard this quote that says:

“Go the extra mile. It’s never crowded.”

This is true! There are not many people that strive for perfection by going the extra mile, simply because they have reached an EOD (end of discussion) that it is not attainable so why bother to try. They forget that excellence is waiting anxiously to be caught if only they would dare to go the extra mile. Please, always go the extra mile so that excellence can be associated with your handwork.

Tip 24: With reference to Tip 22, some plans may look good on paper (or sound good in theory) but they may not be totally practical. It is best to have a team go over your plan several times and simulate different scenarios and even have a crisis management plan should the need arise. No one prays for challenges to occur, but it is not out of place to have a plan should any challenge occur.

Tip 25: When planning an event and selecting an event venue, do not overlook the need for emergency exit(s). Sometimes, the emergency exit may exist, but it is not accessible on the event day for several reasons such as:

  • It has been padlocked off and the key not readily available should the need arise.
  • The exit may have been locked off for so long that no one even remembers where the key is.
  • Tables and chairs have been set in front of it thus blocking easy access.
  • Other event items like food, drinks, etc have been placed in front of the exit in such a manner that hinders the usage of the exit.

Tip 26: When choosing an ideal event venue, do not overlook the need for inspecting the fire extinguishers and whether they have been serviced recently and are good for use. Sometimes these extinguishers just decorate the walls but are expired. There is also a need to have a commitment from the venue manager that the staff on ground know how to operate the fire extinguishers. It’s one thing to have the extinguishers around looking pretty. It is another thing for the staff to know how to operate them. Fire drills are not a common sight in our clime. It’s time to raise our standard.

Tip 27: Reviewing Tip 25 in another form: sometimes there are event venues where you ordinarily have an in gate into the car park/compound/premises, and a different out gate from the car park/compound/premises. However, it is not a strange sight to see that the out gate has been permanently shut, and they have now converted the in gate to a dual-purpose gate of in and out. This again could be for several reasons:

  • Deliberate reduction in manpower to cover the second gate (in other to cut expenses).
  • Poor availability of excellent staff to deliver excellent service.
  • Decline in general income from the venue that leads to cutting costs.
  • Just to reduce the workload. It could also be laziness on the part of the security team.
  • Poor remuneration package for the security job that leads to high attrition rate.

This should not be encouraged.

Tip 28: Having a first aid stand or an ambulance or a nurse and doctor around on the event day is the new norm. Remember to prioritize this when planning an event.

Tip 29: When planning an event, do not go for sub-standard products/services because you want to cut cost. You must think of the end user of your product/services and discard any idea of quick/huge profits.

Tip 30: As an event planner, remember this motivational event planner quote:

“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.”

  For those wishing to one day own a successful event business, remember this:

“Don’t wish for it. Work for it.”

Till next time.


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