Our Blog Is One Year Old!

Our Blog Is One Year OldYippeee!… the Fontt blog is one year old this month! How time flies!!

We published our first post on a whim on October 1, 2017. In the past one year we published 45 blog post, that’s almost one blog post a week. Cool, for a newbie blogger. 😎

Let’s look at some statistics to see how our blog performed during this period:

Top 5 most visited blog posts

Top 5 sites that drove traffic to our website

Top 5 most engaging blog posts based on total engagement on social media


Not bad at all considering that these figures are organic. We did not spend a single kobo on any form of advertisements to drive traffic to our blog/website during this period. We are frugal like that! Lolllzzz 😉

So what topic do you want us to blog about next? Let us know in the comments.

We thank God for making this possible! Thanks to you too!! 🙂


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