The Best Way to Utilise Small Spaces

The Best Way to Utilise Small SpacesA small space does not mean you cannot make room for fun.

Just because you barely have room for a couple of games does not mean that your guests still cannot have fun. You can still have fun in small spaces.

To work around it here are some of our games that are ideal for small spaces.

3 Way Rocker

As the name suggests, it takes 2 to 3 kids at a time and rocks! Learn more

4-in-1 Swing Frame

It’s a swing, a see saw and much more. Learn more

Bouncy Castle

A timeless classic. Ours comes with a protective net. Learn more

Bubble Buckets

Where there’s fun, there’s bound to be bubbles! Learn more

Double Swing Frame

Double the fun of a single swing frame. Learn more

Jumbo Slide

The name says it all. It’s just the right size for fun! Learn more

Jungle Soft Playground

A place where the kids can have their space. Learn more

Multicoloured Slide

Another timeless classic. The name says it all. Learn more

See Saw

This game needs no introduction to children across the globe. Learn more

Single Swing Frame

This game is another timeless classic that needs no introduction. Learn more

Here’s an infographic of the above games that you can save and consult whenever you need to know which of our games to order for small spaces.


When your event venue does not have sufficient space for our big games, don’t despair. Fontt Enterprises is here to help.

Over to You

Which of these games above appeals to you most and why? Let us know in the comments.

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