The Best Ways to Utilize Big Games

Farm House“Go big or go home”. This saying is a famous saying in the corporate world with the intent of inspiring you to do things spectacularly. These days there’s no room for mediocrity if you want to succeed in the corporate world.

In Nigeria, there’s one thing we love to do in a big way, and that’s our events. Whether it’s a birthday party, naming ceremony, wedding, funeral, or even housewarming, Nigerians love to do it in a big way! For the average Nigerian there’s nothing like a small event. It’s either they do it big, or they don’t do it at all.

That’s why when a client calls us at Fontt Enterprises, one of the first questions they ask is “what kind of big games do you have?”. Some clients even go as far as specifying that they want people to see these ‘big games’ on display from afar! This love for big games is to attract people to the event.

This interest for ‘big games’ has led us at Fontt Enterprises to provide some of the unique games in the industry in Nigeria today. Our ‘big games’ available for rent (in no particular order) include:

Soap Football

Nigerians love football. But our Soap football is a massive inflatable football pitch filled with little water and lots of soap to make it very slippery. Soap football is an exciting outdoor game for all in the family.

And what’s more, you don’t need to know how to play soccer! Soap football consists of 8 players per side. We also provide protective gear for the players to avoid minor injuries when they slip and slide.

The best way to utilise our soap football is at your staff retreats, beach parties, birthday parties and school fun days. Make sure you and your guests come along with a change of clothes because you’re guaranteed to get wet! Soap Football is one of the games at Fontt Enterprises that attracts a lot of attention. So please book in advance.

Farm House

This inflatable game is a farm themed bounce house with a capacity for 50 persons. The farm house has barnyard, cow, chicken, slide and obstacle courses. For children and the young at heart. Some of our clients are always in awe of the sheer size of our Farm House.

The best way to utilise our Inflatable farmhouse is at your school fun days, birthday parties, and any event with a large population of young children or any occasion that you want the game to be visible from far away.

If you love ‘big’ games, then you’ll love our inflatable farm house. It’s one of a kind attraction unique to Fontt Enterprises, so, you will need to book well in advance to make sure you can have it at your event.

Mobile Rock Climbing Wall

Our 26 feet tall mobile rock climbing wall. That’s the height of a 2-story building! Our mobile rock climbing wall is the only one of its kind in Nigeria today! It takes four persons at a go. This rock climbing wall is not an inflatable wall. It’s a solid wall. A crowd puller any day.

Our mobile rock climbing wall comes complete with all the safety gear necessary and our trained games instructors available to help you. This Rock Climbing Wall is a hot cake for us at Fontt Enterprises so book well in advance if you want it at your event.

The best way to utilise our Mobile Rock Climbing Wall is at your staff retreats, team building events, charity events, school fun days, birthday parties. If you want the games at your event to be seen from far away to attract guests, then our 2-story high climbing wall is for you.

Circus Train Ride

Our circus train ride is another one of our game rides that unique to Fontt Enterprises alone. It comes complete with its tracks and takes 14 passengers at once with a top speed of 6km/hour. When you see our train, you’ll know it’s a big game.

The best way to utilise our Circus Train Ride is at your school fun days, religious and charity events, birthday parties, etc. Children and adults can ride in it. A true crowd puller. It never disappoints. Because it’s another of our hot cakes, please book in advance if you want it at your event.


For corporate organisations and educational institutions, these four prominent games mentioned above will help your brand to stand out as being unique and one of a kind. Your guests are sure to have a pleasant experience with these games. What is more, our skilled and courteous games instructors are always on standby to make sure everyone has a wholesome fun experience.

These are a few of the big games that we have available for rent that make Fontt Enterprises stand out in the events industry in Nigeria. Which of these our games is your favourite? Let us know in the comment section below. Stay blessed.

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