The Unconventional Guide to Types of Events

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As we have discussed before in this article, the term events are extensive, but there are various ways to categorise events.

For this article, we will categorise events into two broad categories based on their size and form/content.

Types of Events According to Size

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Local/Community Events

As the name suggests, these types of events are held at the local or community level to foster a sense of belonging among people in the area. A lot of the traditional festivals held in various towns and villages across Nigeria fall into this category. Some notable events in Nigeria that fall into this category include festivals like the Ojude Oba festival, the Mare festival, and so on.

If I don’t mention a notable festival that you feel is worthy of mentioning let me know in the comments below.

These type of events aimed at fostering pride in the community and culture of the people, creating a sense of belonging and encouraging unity in diversity. These are some reasons why local and state governments across Nigeria support these types of festivals.

Major Events

These are events that by their scale and the interest of the media attract visitors as well as media coverage from within and outside Nigeria. Notable examples of this in Nigeria include the Lagos Marathon, Calabar Carnival, Lagos Carnival, Lagos Trade Fair, and so on. These type of events also attract a lot of economic benefits due to its tourism potentials.

Hallmark Events

These are events that become so well known that they become engrained in the life of the people and take on a spirit and ethos of its own that people want to identify with the event. In Nigeria, a classic example of a hallmark event is Festac 77. The Festac 77 festival gave birth to an entire community in Lagos state that bears its name till today! That’s a whopping 41 years after it took place.

Mega Events

These are events that affect entire economies and the effects of which are felt across the globe and covered by the world press. Classic examples of mega-events are the Olympic Games and FIFA World Cup.

Types of Events According to Form/Content

Their form and content categorise events.

Cultural Events

Lots of arts, music and cultural festivals come under this category. In Nigeria, suitable examples include Felabration, World Music Festival, and so on.

Sports Events

Sports events attract lots of economic benefits and media coverage to host countries this is why many governments like to sponsor such events. Classic examples as mentioned above include the Olympic Games, FIFA World Cup, Commonwealth Games, and various sporting championships.

Business Events

These are events that cater to business owners, entrepreneurs and various trade and service professionals. The different types of business meetings and conferences, trade fairs and exhibitions, corporate events, team building, company retreats, and so on, can be classified as business events.

Over to You

Now that you know the various types of events let me ask you,
what kind of event planner are you?“. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: List of festivals in Nigeria


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