There’s Always Room for Self-improvement

There's Always Room for Self-improvement
A couple of days ago, some friends and I were chatting about how people, in general, seem to have become so complacent.

Nobody wants to accept responsibility for anything. Nobody wants to rock the boat as it were.

We all want to turn a blind eye to things and situations that are not right.

We don’t want to see it as our responsibility to try to change things. Instead, we want to shift that responsibility to someone else.

We all agree that there’s a need for accountability and high performance in our society.

Rather than hope that someone else will do it why don’t you and I take the initiative to do better on a personal level.

There’s always room for self-improvement. There’s still something that we can improve upon and do better.

We must not continue accepting things as they are. We must strive to do our level best always.

Every person has his or her unique talent. We should strive to optimise our abilities. Avoid unfair comparisons with others.

We have no moral authority to hold other people accountable to do better if we are not striving to do so ourselves.

Over to You

So what do you do when someone on your team is not pulling their weight and giving their best?

Let us know in comments below. Let’s get this conversation going!


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