Our Thoughts on the Vibrant Events Industry

Our Thoughts on the Vibrant Events IndustryRegardless of race or creed, humans love to celebrate. Celebrations have been a part of human life right from the beginning.

Whether it’s a local cultural or religious festival or a global festival or sporting event that cut across race and culture, humans will always celebrate.

Events and celebrations go hand in hand. It brings more people together than any other activity.

Advancements in science and technology have also turned the world into a global village.

So it’s no surprise that some events and celebrations once restricted to people in a particular geographical region have become a globalĀ event and are celebrated across borders.

For instance, a couple of decades ago Valentines Day celebrations was a relatively unknown event in Nigeria.

But these days with the internet and media, Valentine’s Day is celebrated in most cities across the country with much fanfare.

As festivals and celebrations all over the world have grown to become big business, events management and events planning which in the past was seen by most as a mere weekend “hobby” or “spare time” business, has now become big business! And the events industry is an established industry across the world.

These developments have brought about new challenges requiring new sets of skills, technology, creativity and experienced leadership in the events industry.

The Events Industry

Our Thoughts on the Vibrant Events IndustryThe events industry plays a prominent role in

  • Boosting tourism at the local, state and national levels
  • Creating branding opportunities for communities, states, and nations
  • Encouraging positive public relations for nations at regional and global levels
  • Impacting the quality of life of people in the environment through the creation of jobs

As we mentioned in this article, the events industry is vast. We at Fontt Enterprises want to look at the bigger picture as far as events are concerned as we are positive that it’s an industry that’s going to continue to grow and impact positively on the lives of people.

Right from the start, our vision has been “to operate the best privately owned and most affordable recreational park for families in Nigeria,” and we’re not relenting in our vision.

We believe in the potential of the events industry to boost the economy of our nation. Regardless of any problems event planners may face, the future is still bright for the events industry.

What about you? What do you think about the events industry? Share your thoughts.

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