Our Top 3 Articles of The Year

Our Top 3 Articles of The YearIn case you’re not aware, we have a blog!… Yay!! It’s something we’ve procrastinated about for some time now. So back in October, we decided to do it. From that time till date we’ve managed to publish a new article weekly. This article is our 12th article this 2017.

We’ve noticed that several organisations that have functioning blogs are conducting reviews on their blogging activities. They’re also sharing their Top articles for the year, etc. So in order not to feel left out, we’ve decided to publish our Top 3 posts for the last three months! Yay!!

Let’s get to it, will we?

1. Wholesome Funny Family Movies for the Holidays

This article is the most read article on our blog these last three months! It’s also our fourth most shared article for the same period! It’s interesting to learn that you love wholesome, funny family movies. Which movie did you watch with your family this holiday? Watching wholesome films together as a family is suitable for bonding. At Fontt Enterprises, we love to encourage and support activities that are wholesome and beneficial for the family.

2. Top 5 Fun Family Games To Play Without Equipment at Christmas

This article is the second most shared and read on our blog this last three months! We’re glad to learn you’re interested in playing simple fun family games without equipment. Playing games is a good activity for bonding with your family. You don’t always have to spend money buying or renting games to have a lovely time. You need a little creativity to play fun family games without equipment.

3. 5 Essential Tips for a Wonderful Office Christmas Party This Year

Have you held your party for the year? How was it? We hope our tips were able to add value to your party? This article is our third most shared and third most read during the same period. It’s exciting to note that you are paying attention to the quality of office parties you hold.

Bonus*: 6 Reasons Why You Should Be Talking About Rock Climbing

This article deserves a bonus mention since it is our second most read article for the last three months! However, it did not make the list of the most shared posts. But it’s interesting to note that there is so much interest in the topic of rock climbing.

Fontt Team
Fontt Team

Over To You!

These are our Top 3 articles on our blog these last three months! Tell us, which piece is your favourite? What can we do to make our blog better for you in 2018? Or are there any areas you’d like Fontt Enterprises to improve? Let us know in the comments. Thanks for reading and sharing our articles. Please continue to do so.

Now we’re off to watch a wholesome movie with our family and play some games (without equipment) we’ll throw a party for ourselves too while we’re at it! What do you think?… How are you spending the last days of 2017? What are your new year resolutions for 2018? Let us know in the comments.

From all of us here at Fontt Enterprises, we wish you a wonderful holiday and a wholesome fun 2018. Stay blessed.

*The articles in our Top 3 list above featured on both the most read list and most shared lists for a spot in our Top 3 list.

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