Top 4 Epic Movies to Watch This Easter

Top 4 Epic Movies to Watch This EasterAny holiday period is a busy time for us at Fontt Enterprises.

But we love what we do so we don’t mind. So long as our clients are happy, we are delighted!

But when the opportunity arises one activity that I love doing is watching wholesome movies together with my family. I’ve drawn a list of my Top 4 that I think you’d like watching together with your family.

Mind you, we’re not a professional movie critic and don’t claim to be. We are just listing our selection of movies. So please don’t be too hard on us if our choice is not to your liking. So here we go.

Jesus of Nazareth

This movie is one the most popular film adaptations of the Biblical story of Jesus Christ. Growing up this was one of the staple films shown on NTA (Nigeria’s national TV station) during Easter holidays. The movie is worth watching if you’ve not seen it already.

The Ten Commandments

Though this epic movie dramatises the period way before that of Christ, it’s none the less a movie worth watching especially at Easter. I recall watching this movie several times on VHS when I was young. Does anyone remember those video cassette players? LOL… how time flies.

If you’ve seen this movie, you’ll agree with me that when you think of the characters Moses and Ramses, the faces of Hollywood stars Charlton Heston (as Moses) and Yul Brynner (as Ramses) immediately come to mind.

Ben Hur

Another epic starring Charlton Heston (as Judah Ben-Hur). This movie is Hollywood’s rendition of the life and crucifixion of Christ. It shows how Jesus related to Judah Ben-Hur, a Jewish prince mistakenly sent to prison. It seems to me that Charlton Heston loves acting these epic Hollywood movies and he’s good at it. Or What do you think?

Top 4 Epic Movies to Watch This Easter-2

The Robe

Growing up this was one of the first movies we watched together as a family on our video cassette player! Those were the days. The film is about a Roman military tribune Marcellus Gallio who commands the soldiers that crucified Jesus.

In a game of dice, Gallio wins the robe Jesus wore. He slowly comes to believe that the Robe is affecting him. This belief leads him to learn more about Jesus Christ and eventually become a Christian.


So there you have it! These are our top picks for movies worth watching together as a family this Easter. What about you. Which wholesome film will you watch this Easter?

And if you’re not into movies, let us know how you intend spending the holiday. Here’s wishing you a Happy Easter from all of us at Fontt Enterprises.

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