Top 5 Fun Family Games To Play Without Equipment at Christmas

Top 5 Fun Family Games To Play Without Equipment at ChristmasChristmas is around the corner, and it’s time for wholesome family fun! There’s no need to run to the store and shell out big bucks for any games equipment.

The following wholesome fun games can be played without any equipment at all. No boards, no game consoles, no special gear. Nothing! Zilch! Nada!

Only you and your kids being creative and enjoying much-needed quality time together. These games will help to strengthen your family bond.

So what type of fun family games can you play with your kids that don’t need any equipment? We’ve listed below our choice of top 5 fun family games to play without equipment.

Eye Spy

Picked your child up from school and you’re stuck in traffic? Make the best use of this opportunity to bond with your child by playing eye spy.

The game starts with one player saying: “I spy with my little eye something beginning with the letter _____.” The blank is filled in with the first letter of any object the player spies.

It is up to the other players in the game to guess what it is the first player spies. The first to imagine the object now becomes the spy, and it’s his/her turn to select another object to spy.

Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek is not for kids alone! I’m sure that almost everyone has played this game at one time or the other in their life. Many parents have played this with their children.

The concept of hiding and finding is a common interest of small children across the globe. You can play hide and seek indoors or outdoors.

But be sure that when playing hide and seek with your little children you set limits on the places they can go to hide and the areas that are off-limits.

For instance make sure you tell them not to hide inside fridges, cupboards, parked vehicles and so on. Their safety is important.

Simon Says

First, choose someone to be “Simon”. Next, other players must obey whatever instructions Simon says when giving a command with the words “Simon Says”.

For example “Simon Says touch your ear.” If a child fails to touch his ear before you finish saying your next “Simon Says” command, then they are “out” of that game.

To make it more interesting, you can get children “out” by saying commands that don’t start with, “Simon Says.” If a child follows that direction, then they are “out”! The last kid that is “in” gets to be Simon.

If you want to make the game difficult for older kids, issue commands faster and faster. Make the needed actions more and more challenging to complete.

Fun Family Games

Alphabet Game

This one is about coming up with themes. Within a chosen topic, take turns with letters of the alphabet and come up with things on the subject. For instance, in the subject “Animals”, you would have anteater, baboon, cat, duck, etc.

In the theme “Careers” you would have a doctor, lawyer, teacher, pilot, plumber, carpenter, etc. A child that fails to come up with a name loses his/her turn to play.


This one is best suited to when you’re either at home, in an open field or at the beach. It’s fun and provides much-needed exercise for both parents and children.

Start by selecting a starting point and a finish line — they could be a tree or a gate or a fence wall — and pick your pace. You could run, hop, walk backwards (be careful), or do a relay.

You can race with your kids or allow them to race against themselves while you run with your spouse!

Other Fun Family Games to Play at Christmas

These are our pick of top 5 fun family games that you can play without equipment. There are loads of other fun family games that you can play.

For the sake of time and ease of explaining the rules, we’ve restricted ourselves to mentioning these five games above.

But, if you still feel like shelling out the big bucks to give wholesome, fun, indoor and outdoor games to your family this Christmas – and you are living in Nigeria – rent these games.

Which of these top 5 fun family games that you can play without equipment have you played? Which is your favourite?

Even if we didn’t mention your favourite in this post, don’t worry. Comment below and let us know. Let’s all learn and enjoy together!

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