Top 5 Tips for Creating Wonderful Events in Nigeria

Top 5 Tips for Creating Wonderful Events in NigeriaIn Nigeria today, several events planning and management companies of varying sizes and capabilities have sprung up throughout the country who are even ready to compete with their foreign counterparts.

The demand of the Nigerian customer has also increased as Nigerians are now demanding for events planners and events managers who can give them the standard of what they see abroad.

Events in Nigeria whether they are social, economic, environmental or political, touch almost all aspects of the lives of its citizens.

So how can you as an events planner or manager create beautiful events in Nigeria? These are our top 5 tips.

1. Giving a Good First Impression

The saying that you only have one chance to make a good first impression is correct.

A customer’s first impression of your brand through your brochures and other communication materials, your logo and signage, the point of sale displays, your website and other electronic media as well as your staff all play a part in giving an excellent first impression to your customers.

It sparks their interest in you living up to expectation when it comes to creating a fantastic event.

Put yourself in the shoes of your customers and think of what is important to you. What do you want people to say, feel or think after they have experienced your event? Put all these into consideration to guide you in giving an excellent first impression.

2. Paying Attention to Every Detail

As an Event planner or manager attention to every detail no matter how minute should be your forte. This paying attention to detail can be the difference between your event being beautiful or being crap.

That’s why we at Fontt Enterprises go the extra mile to make sure that we gather as much information about an event, the venue, the attendees, advising customers on the type of games to use, etc. before we even consider taking on the client.

Our focus is not on taking your money but in helping to make your event a memorable one for all in attendance. Our reputation and that of our customer is at stake. So we cannot afford to overlook any details.

Being Punctual
Regardless of how bad the traffic is, be punctual.

3. Being Punctual

They say that punctuality is the soul of business and so it is. If you want to create a beautiful event of international standards, please forget about ‘African time’.

Regardless of the chaotic traffic situation in Lagos and some cities in Nigeria, do your best to be punctual. Once your clients know you for being punctual, they will appreciate you for this.

Punctuality will also help to distinguish you from your competitors.

4. Being Unique

Since all events sell an experience, providing a unique customer experience is vital for creating a beautiful occasion.

Events as services differ from products since we must experience the occasion before we can be said to have consumed the experience. So delivery and consumption cannot be separated since they occur together in most cases.

That’s why we at Fontt Enterprises focus on providing unique party games that are not common in Nigeria. These unique party games we offer that separates us from our competitors.

5. Leaving a Good Last Impression

Since events are intangible, you as an events planner or manager have to find a way to add tangibility for instance through such things as the decor, the use of posters, event programs and if possible cleaning the venue after the event!

It’s your duty as the events planner or manager to offer clues to your customer on the nature of the event experience. As it is with giving a good first impression, so you also have to leave a good last impression.

That’s It!

These are our top 5 tips for creating beautiful events in Nigeria. If you follow these tips, you are bound to have happy clients. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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