Our Vision for Parks and Recreational Centres in Nigeria

Parks and Recreational Centres in NigeriaA couple of days ago I was held in traffic only to discover that the cause was a rally of sorts organised in the area.

This incident got me thinking that such a thing should not have been allowed to disrupt the free flow of traffic.

An ideal venue for such a gathering would have been at a park. A park is a place for fun and games. But the reality is that parks play a more vital role in communities than that.

In a developing country like Nigeria, there’s need for better-maintained parks and recreational centres.

Where available, parks offer places for people, families and social groups to gather. Parks and recreational centres help:

Strengthen our communities

The more parks and recreational centres we have in our communities, the more people can gather together in peace without undue disruption to others in the neighbourhood. The more people in the area get to know themselves these will strengthen the communities.

Promote health and wellness

Parks and recreational centres help to promote health and wellness. Parks give us an opportunity to be active and engage in wholesome fun activities. This knowledge is why in developed countries parks and recreational centres play a crucial role in their cities.

Protects our environmental resources

Carefully planned parks and recreational centres help to protect our environmental resources. Parks give enough fresh air to the neighbourhood and habitats for animals.


These are a few of the reasons why at Fontt Enterprises our vision is to own and run the best privately owned and most affordable recreational park for families in Nigeria.

Having the best privately owned park will help us meet our mission of putting smiles on the faces of Nigerian families through wholesome games and recreational activities. Stay blessed.

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