When the Outdoors Is Your Office

When the Outdoors Is Your OfficeMost times when the phone rings, and it’s a potential client, one of the first questions they ask is “where is your office?” I always find this question amusing because the nature of our work at Fontt Enterprises requires that we be constantly outdoors.

We are continually transporting our games from one event venue to the other. We don’t tie up our much-needed working capital in getting some fancy office. At Fontt Enterprises, we don’t believe in “forming” (pretentious lifestyle) or trying to keep up with the Joneses.

My best answers to potential clients are to direct such ones to our website, Facebook, Twitter, email and phone. If they are not satisfied, I invite them to check us out at our next event venue!

Why Outdoors Is Better than Indoors

When the Outdoors Is Your OfficeAs mentioned above, when the outdoors is your office, it reduces the stress involved in maintaining a fancy and expensive office, then leaving the same office empty because you’re out all day serving clients in their various locations. Remember that whether you utilise that your fancy office or not, you’ve still got to pay the rent!

When the outdoors is your office, you are more active and healthy because you don’t sit all day in that drab chair. In the process of dashing from one event venue to the other, you’ll get a good workout especially in a city like Lagos.

When the outdoors is your office, it affords you the opportunity to interact with people from various walks of life. You get to learn patience because not all vendors may be as time conscious as you.

When the Outdoors Is Your Office

You also get to be innovative with your choice of technology to get your work done. These days, I find that I utilise my phone more than any other device. Most of the apps that assist me in getting my job done are right here on my phone. I call it my mobile office! However, with the reliance on all these mobile devices these days, I find it necessary to have a digital detox from time to time.

What if you are not opportune to have an outdoor office? Make the best of what you’ve got! First, learn to stand up from your desk now and then and take a stroll. Use the stairs rather than the elevator. Have a small potted plant on your office desk or even a fish bowl. Get some relaxing photos of nature and wildlife on your office wall. If you’re chanced, open your windows once in a while to let in some fresh air.

Your Turn

If, like us, you’re blessed to have an outdoor office, tell us what you love about this.

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