Who Started Recreation and Leisure?

Who Started Recreation and Leisure?These days many people live hectic lives. We work virtually working round the clock to make ends meet. This hectic lifestyle is often to the detriment of our health.

In Nigeria, for most people, the thought of taking a break or a vacation is not a priority except for holiday period like Christmas, New Year, etc. Recreation and leisure are underrated in Nigeria.

Before we go any further, let us get some clarification on these terms. Recreation is any morally acceptable activity that a person engages in during their free time. Examples of recreation include participating in sports, listening to music, playing games, travelling, dancing and so on.

Leisure, on the other hand (whether viewed as a period, an activity or a state of mind) is any event that a person engages in during their free time that is not related to work. Examples of leisure activities include reading just for pleasure, meditation or even painting. But its worth noting that what is a leisure activity differs from one person to another.

From the above, one thing that is clear is that whether we talk about recreation or leisure they are both about an experience.

See the infographic below for a brief history of recreation and leisure.


A Brief History of Recreation and Leisure - INFOGRAPHIC

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Early History of Leisure and Recreation

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