Wholesome Funny Family Movies for the Holidays

Wholesome Funny Family Movies for the HolidaysThe holiday season is upon us again. Soon children would be back home from school. Parents would be at their wits ends wondering how best to keep them occupied during the holiday. Some of you might opt to register them for extra lessons. But remember what they say about all work.

But would you prefer to spend some quality time indoors with your children, instead of going out looking for fun spots or stressing on where to rent or buy games? A good option is to watch wholesome, funny family movies together whether at home or the cinema.

Selecting wholesome, funny family movies from the thousands of titles available often leaves parents exasperated.

So we’ve decided to help you take away some of the stress by providing a list of some of the wholesome, funny family movies that you and your children can watch together.

The movies mentioned below are in no particular order. They are our recommendation. And you’re welcome to have a difference of opinion. And if your choice is different from ours, let us know what you think in the comment section below.

Please note that it’s your duty as a responsible parent to decide what movies are suitable for your child based on their age, etc. We’re not forcing our choice on you.

So let’s get to it, shall we?

Wholesome Funny Family Movies for the Holidays

1. Toy Story

Watch two adorable little toys (Woody and Buzz Lightyear) come alive as they each try to win the affection of their owner Andy. The movie is full and jokes and catchy tunes that leave you feeling good at the end of the entire film.

2. Lion King

Simba, Mufasa, Timon, Pumbaa, these are all characters from the movies that children these days can name in a heartbeat. We know of some children who have watched these movie several times over and can recite the movie dialogue off-hand. That’s to show you how much the children love the movie.

3. ET (The Extra-Terrestrial)

This film is another timeless classic. It’s about a little boy who stumbles on a stranded alien in his backyard. The boy and his siblings now strive to do all they can to get the alien re-united back home! The alien itself known in the movie as ET (Extra-Terrestrial) has become a global icon recognised by its pop-eyes, shrivelled head and long neck.

4. Tom ‘n’ Jerry

This film is another timeless classic for all in the family. You and your family are bound to have a good laugh when watching this cat and mouse go after each other in this animated movie. And remember the saying that laughter is the best medicine.

5. Sound of Music

Unless you’ve hidden under a rock for the past couple of decades, there’s no way you’d say you’ve not watched this timeless classic. In fact, no list of wholesome, funny family movies would be complete without mentioning the Sound of Music. I’m sure by now some of you reading this piece have already started humming some of the songs from the movie in your head, right? You can never get enough of watching this movie.

Over to You.

Remember the list above is in no particular order. It’s our small selection. In fact, the choices were so many that we had to trim it down to five due to time and space constraints. And we’re not professional movie critics. We are listing our own choice of wholesome, funny family movies.

Whatever movie you choose to watch with your family is up to you as a responsible parent taking into consideration the age of your children.

If we didn’t mention your favourite wholesome, funny family movies for the holidays, there’s no need for you to fret and cause a riot. Let us know your favourite in the comment section below.

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