Wholesome Outdoor Fun Games for Children

Wholesome Outdoor Fun Games for ChildrenAs mentioned in our previous post, these days, children are spending more time than ever on mobile devices. Many children have smartphones and tablets.

Now more than ever before, we need to get our children outdoors and get them to move around and play.

Giving children the chance to play is vital to their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Giving children time to play will also enhance their ability to learn because to play is to learn!

Yes, we also understand that you want your children to be studious and hardworking. This desire motivates parents to send their children to the best schools they can afford.

However, don’t forget the saying that all work and no play makes Jack/Jill a dull boy/girl.

Giving your children the latest mobile devices and video games are not ideal ways for them to get much-needed recreation.

We get it, the thought of snatching that smartphone or tablet from your kid’s grips might look like a difficult job.

However, if you approach them with any of the fun outdoor games and also join them in playing, you’ll all have such a wonderful time; your children won’t look for their mobile devices.

Check out the following infographic with wholesome outdoor fun games for children.


Wholesome Outdoor Fun Games for Children - INFOGRAPHIC

Rock Painting

Find smooth garden rocks in your compound or neighbourhood and get your children to paint them in bright colours.
Then place them in strategic places around the home as decorations.
If you are the adventurous type, get bigger rougher stones to paint. Use them to brighten the corner where you are.

Slip N Slide

We had this game in the past. However, it’s spoilt, and we have no plans of replacing it anytime soon.
However, you can create your own Slip N Slide by laying out a clean tarpaulin, use a water hose to spray it with water.
Make sure the water hose is long enough to reach on top of the slide.
Take turns running across your lawn, subsequently slipping on the tarp for a slippery, thrilling game.

Flashlight Challenge

I recall playing this game as a child with the neighbour’s children whenever NEPA struck in the evenings, and it was too early to go to bed.
Best played on your balcony after the sun goes down.
The kids get a flashlight and shine it on your neighbour’s kids who are likewise on their balcony and ready to shine their flashlights back at your kids too.

Skipping Rope Challenge

Give every participant a plastic cup filled with water. Start spinning a long jump rope.
One at a time, every child has to try to enter the skipping rope. Jump three times, while spilling as little water as possible.
The person with the most quantity of water left in their plastic cup wins the game.

Hole in the Container

Fill up a large plastic bowl with water and then put two empty bowls around 40 feet away.
Split children into two teams and give every team an empty small plastic bowl with ten to twelve tiny holes in the bottom.
Whenever you say go, the first participant out of every team fills their small plastic bowl with water, then puts it on their head while they walk or run to their team’s large plastic bowl.
They empty the remaining water to the large bowl, subsequently run back, passing the small bowl unto the next player.
The first team to fill their trash can with water wins the game.

Sticks and Stones

Playing sticks and stones especially if you’ve got a large group of children around will make them laugh while also tiring them out.
Split the children into two teams the ‘sticks’ and then the ‘stones’. Line them up facing one another.
Designate an area roughly 30 feet behind every team as that teams safe zone.
To start the game, yell out, Sticks! Or Stones!
The team you call on must start chasing the opposing team, which starts running towards its safe zone.

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